Generations of Faith

It is no mystery that many parents choose to bring their children up in the faith they were raised in as children, and it can...


Repetitious Behavior

When a person is traumatized, their ability to move past the event can be compromised. They have little or no way to fight back, and...


Discovering Continuity in Religion

Each generation seems to invent something new, so there should be little surprise that the world is covered with different denominations among religions. While this...


Celebrating Important Rituals

Modern life can be chaotic and complex, and many adults turn to their religious organization to help them find a meaning to all of it....

There have often been times when repetitious behavior has helped people cope with extreme circumstances, and one place where they can find that type of solace is in a place of worship. Few people today are raised outside of any religion, but many of them drop it when they reach adulthood. For those who have found a need for renewal of their faith, seeking comfort through religion can often be a path that will help them deal with traumatic events.

Religious institutions are always eager to welcome back those who were part of their flock, and they are willing to give comfort to those in need. By combining these two factors, they are often successful in helping people find their way into a better life. Some of the ways they do this are through repetitious behavior, but others include the continuity of generations in the faith, the repeating of important rituals, and the historic grounding that comes with a faith of long standing.