Generations of Faith

It is no mystery that many parents choose to bring their children up in the faith they were raised in as children, and it can give them and their offspring an opportunity to see the continuity that faith can provide. Generations of faith within a family might not seem very important to young people just starting on the path of adulthood, but it can become a comfort to them as they marry, have children, and see old age approaching on stealthy feet. It can help them deal with the issues that beset them by giving them a firm foundation, and it can help them find the history they need to educate their family.

When children are raised in any religious organization, the work of their family and religious teachers is twofold. They must learn the history and rituals of the religion, but they must also learn the meaning behind them. It is a difficult task as children are less likely to be interested in any of this information, but it is important to help them grow within their faith.

For those who have left their faith as they entered adulthood, they might find they are drawn back to it as they create their own family. Many of them see it as a stabilizing factor in their life, and they want their children to share their heritage. They can also see it as a place of refuge from the disturbing world around them, and it can help them teach their children how to cope with a world they do not understand.

As people age, they often find their youngest memories are clearest in their minds, and they can also be drawn back to a faith they deserted long ago. They suddenly see how it offers them the continuity they do not find in other areas of their life, and it can comfort them to revisit the rituals of their youth.