Repetitious Behavior

When a person is traumatized, their ability to move past the event can be compromised. They have little or no way to fight back, and many of them find comfort only in repetitious behavior. Their mind will form a worn path between two actions, and they will continue to repeat it until their consciousness is finally ready to move on to the next step. Many people have been helped in this way, but it can be difficult for them to actually move to the next step without assistance.

The rhythm of life and the seasons has long been a comfort to many who are not completely traumatized by events, but even they might require help moving forward in life. For all of these people, the rhythms of prayer and worship services can help fulfill their needs for a good recovery. Repeating prayers learned at an early age can help them establish a pathway, and it can give them comfort on many levels.

The understanding of the human brain is woefully incomplete, but the need for finding a repeating pattern has been one factor that has been known for centuries. Trauma victims have often been helped with the use of repeating patterns, and those found in reciting childhood prayers over and over are ones that will help establish a safe foundation for the conscious mind. Prayers have long been an important part of religious rituals, and their ability to provide help and safety to a church member is seen as the deity’s way of giving comfort to a member of the religious organization.

Many modern religious leaders have at least some knowledge of modern science, and they understand the assistance their religious rituals can provide for members suffering under extraordinary strains. They recognize it enhances their ability to help their congregants, and they are more than willing to assist in any way possible.